Garden Labyrinth

Labyrinth in my garden, glowing in the Autumn sunset (see the long shadow from the standing stone). The design is a classical seven circuit labyrinth. The centre was changed so that there are no straight lines, like the entrance stone at Newgrange.

Spirals Labyrinth The labyrinth design resembles that of the carvings on the entrance stone at Newgrange.

October Sunset
Looking west at sunset on an October evening.

Labyrinth after a fall of snow
Labyrinth after a fall of snow, the only significant snow for the winter of 2005/2006.

Cat walking the Labyrinth
Holly the family cat, my regular companion when walking the labyrinth.

Garden Labyrinth
Garden Labyrinth with standing stone, the larger stones in the ground (at the front in the photograph) mark the setting sun at the winter solstice, equinox and summer solstice. Three stones on the east of the labyrinth (at the back in the photograph) mark the rising sun at the winter solstice, equinox and summer solstice.

Full moon Labyrinth
A full moon rising over the labyrinth - August 23rd 2010

Autumn Equinox
Labyrinth at sunset - September 17th 2010. The Labyrinth is aligned east/west so the shadow from the standing stone is nicely centred, close to its equinox position.

Labyrinth rainbow
A double rainbow of Red, Orange, Yellow , Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

When the garden labyrinth was first constructed, the paving bricks were placed on the grass, maintenance was time consuming, so the paving bricks were sunk to be flush with the ground.

Labyrinth close up
Close up of the labyrinth entrance.

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