Knowth Kerbstone K15

Knowth K15 - Sundial Stone
Knowth Kerbstone K15 - Photo: National Monuments Service, Government of Ireland

The Megalithic Art of the Passage Tombs at Knowth, Co. Meath

Excavations at Knowth Volume 7: The Megalithic Art of the Passage Tombs at Knowth, Co. Meath Description of Kerbstone 15

The dominant motif here is a semi-circle of twenty (one partial) picked lines radiating out from a small cupmark/dot. The radial lines widen outwards and all, except for two towards the left, terminate in a small rectangle. There are three extra rectangles towards the right. A larger square/rectangular motif is picked beyond each of the small rectangles, followed by another small rectangle. A second small cupmark is picked above the first. This is enclosed within a large oval motif, which is picked all over and is partially enclosed in an oval outer line which is doubled at the right.

At the upper-left of the oval there is a row of U-motifs, or possibly a small serpentiform, and a dot-and-circle. Beyond these, at the left of the stone, a row of circles curves outside the ends of the radial lines and two curved lines enclose the circles, to the left. To the right of the main face there is a large anti-clockwise spiral of seven turns. A number of motifs are arranged around the right side of the spiral. There are three small circles and an oval above it, and a series of single and double U-motifs to its right and below it. Further right is a small spiral with a series of zigzags above it, and a small, irregular circle above to the right. Below the spiral there are eight circles, one with a central dot.

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Knowth Kerbstone 15 illuminated for the spectacular opening sequence of the RTÉ TV 'Shine Your Light' winter solstice special which was broadcast on the 20th December 2020. Projection mapping by Algorithm, photo by Ken Williams.

Martin Brennan
Kerbstone K15 (SE4) the Sundial Stone - Drawing by Martin Brennan.

Knowth Kerbstone K15 by Ken Williams
Knowth Kerbstone K15 by Ken Williams

Scan of Knowth Kerbstone K15
Scan of Knowth Kerbstone K15

Knowth Kerbstone 15
Kerbstone K15, photographed during excavations at Knowth.

Knowth Plan

Images of all Knowth Kerbstones

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