Dowth - Beltaine Sunrise

Dowth Sunrise
6:10am on 29th April 2006, the rising sun has to penetrate the early morning mist and fog and get over the trees to illuminate the Dowth mound and kerbstone k51 in particular.

Dowth K51 - The 7 Suns

Dowth K51
But there is more than the trees obscuring the sunbeam on K51, much of the stone is below ground level.

Dowth K51
At 6:20am there is hint of light at the top of Dowth kerbstone K51

Dowth K51
By 6:32am there is a clear illumination of K51, a fencepost is casting the vertical shadow.

Dowth K51 - Sun Symbol
By 7:30am the lower part of the stone is illuminated, highlighting one of the sun symbols.

Dowth K51
Dowth K51 at 7:31am

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