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Newgrange | Stone Age Monument in the Boyne Valley
Winter Solstice Sun receding down the passage of New Grange. Newgrange from The Sacred Island by Martin Byrne. An excellent New Grange resource which includes images, authoritative text and diagrams. Martin is an Artist and Tour Guide based in Co. Sligo, in the North-west of Ireland.

Newgrange was re-discovered in 1699 when the land owner, Charles Campbell sent his workers to remove stones from the mound. By good fortune they began their excavation on the south west side and uncovered an engraved stone - the lintel of the roofbox. Before long they uncovered the Entrance Stone, and for the first time since the bronze age people entered the chamber of Newgrange.

Newgrange Front View
Newgrange Front View, more images...

Newgrange Side View
Newgrange Side View, more images...

Newgrange Standing Stone
Newgrange Standing Stone, more images...

Newgrange Kerbstone K1
Newgrange Kerbstones

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